As a self taught Graphic Designer and small business entrepreneur, I have designed my website to demonstrate my portfolio of personal works and understanding of all graphic media programs. I am a self motivated independent person, I want to actively pursue further learning of the techniques and skills through any opportunity given to me. Please take the time and look around and tell me what you think.
Thank you.


Selection of recent work

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I like to learn (yup!) different things and skills so obviously my universe took multiple directions ...just check out my academic record in which I have 2 degrees in Industrial Techniques. I also studied Sound Design for one year (university). Now I make graphic artworks and some webdesign!

Uh.. anyway, I like taking the time to think about concepts and other ideas. I also like to draw as much with pencils as with the computer for different mediums, to create typographies; just basically working on different projects. Big fan of music, tv shows and video games, my designs are often inspired by those. I have also designed my logo and all the icons. The thought of not having one single job title is an interesting idea to me.

I use Photoshop & Illustrator (all learned by myself), I know HTML5 & CSS3 since I have coded this website myself (shout-out to the tutorials on the Interweb...). There are the main skills I can offer to you in addition to my brain!


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